About Us

Company Profile: Ever since its inception in May, 1993, Nature's Way has been striving to contribute to developing Eco-tourism in the state of Yap. Its founder, late John B. Iou wanted Nature's Way to be a learning institute where both the local islanders and visitors can get together to learn from each other about improving our environment, community, and way of life.


Business: Nature's Way offers environmentally aware guided dives in Yap Island and many other inspiring tours such as Snorkeling, Mangrove Boat Cruise, Kayaking, Village Tours, Walking Tours through Ancient Paved Stone Paths or Tropical Jungles, Island Skills Experience, etc.


Our Credo: All the staff of Nature's Way will do their utmost to achieve the following specific goals in the spirit of its founder:
1) To provide professional guided dives and other water tours in an environmentally friendly manner;
2) To provide knowledgeable guided nature and cultural tours through our business operations;
3) To help promoting environmental awareness among both the locals and visitors;
4) To help visitors to meet locals and exchange ideas of how to keep the ecology of Yap sound and beautiful against threats from both inside and outside.



chomed Bernard Chomed
Boat Driver and Operation Manager. Being quiet and shy but his casual attentiveness often surprise our guests. Once he takes the helm, we can feel very secured.


su Su, Mitsue Yasui
Dive Instructor (PADI #64331/NAUI #8790L) and Tour Guide. Born in Japan and living in Yap more than 2.5 decades, she loves being in nature than in artificial way of life.


gina Gina B. Guretmag
Sales Clerk and Local Skills Instructor. Grown up while learning traditional skills of living as Yapese lady, she demonstrates and teaches wonderful weaving and lei making.


tony Tony Moon
Dive and Tour Guide. His cheerful talks always ease the atmosphere making a good team with other quiet staff. Not only in the water, he has many handy skills on land, too.

About Us:

Our staff, equipment, history and business credo, etc.



P. O. Box 238, Colonia
Yap, FM 96943-238
Federated States of Micronesia
Phone: 691(350)3407