Traditional Canoe Ride


Traditional sailing canoes in Micronesia uses single outrigger. The sail always receives wind on opposite side of outrigger. The tour uses a smaller canoe which is basically for inside the reef transportation, the maneuvering method is much the same as the one for large trans-ocean canoes.



Since this canoe sailing tour is performed inside reefs, there will be no big waves. Crew will always suggest safe and comfortable place for you to sit. If you wish to wear a life jacket, please let us know in advance.



After paddling off from beach, the crew puts up a mast. Once the sail catches the winds the canoe starts moving quite fast. Aboard a canoe, listening to soundless sounds of winds and waves, you might be seized with an illusion that seemed to be totally united with the sky and the sea.



There is no difference of bow and stern. They both work the same roles. When tacking, the mast bearing is often moved from bow to stern, or vise versa, and the rudder man follows it.



Canoe riding is influenced by the tidal movement, wind direction and wind speed. The tour will be held at one of sandy beaches in Yap when the tide is high enough for canoe launching and when the wind is strong enough to sail. Thus starting time varies according to the tide. There may also not be a possibility for sailing when the wind is too mild. However, you still will be able to experience riding by paddling.



This tour also includes a stopover to visit a meeting place of one of the villages on the way or return.




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Tour Rates

Tour Name

Regular Rate

Early Bird

Includes: Pick-up from hotels in Colonia, a bottled water, canoe riding fee, village entrance fee and Island Style Lunch.

Surcharge for single participant: $35.00

Traditional Canoe Ride with a Village Visit (5 hours) $110.00 $99.00

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