Kayaking Tour


Experience Yap's rich mangrove ecosystem by paddling through calm lagoons and channels. Or just enjoy paddling waters beside tranquil sandy beaches where you also can snorkel or rest on.



Watching and feeling the mangrove forest from the same level of quiet water surface gives you different sense. No need to hustle. Just listen to singing birds and humming trees.



Our kayaks are single sit-on-top type with good stability and are easily handled with paddles forward and backward. The accompanying boat will be on stand-by and near, as long as the tide permits, so that you can return to the boat when tired.



Distance of paddling varies depending on the course and your strength. There are several destinations and courses available according to your interest, experience and tide. Snorkeling can be arranged during a kayak tour, too.



Make yourself and things such as camera ready to be wet since the water surface is really near where you sit on and, although the kayak has good stability, it might capsize if off balanced greatly. At the same time, do enough protection from sunburn especially for exposed thighs and back of the neck.



Lastly note that kayak tour will also be affected by the tidal movement. Please inquire about a kayak tour in advance to make the plan best and suitable for you.




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Tour Rates:

Tour Name Regular Rate Early Bird
Includes: Accompanying boat, guide, bottled water, snacks (fruits, etc.), hotel (within Colonia only).

Surcharge for single participant: $35.00

Kayaking Tour $99.00 $89.00

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