Oceania Hotel


Under the thatched roof surrounded by rich greens, Oceania Hotel gives an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in a village house while in Colonia. Each cottage has a private veranda overlooking Colonia Lagoon.




The rooms are built one room per cottage and room types are single, twin and double. Beside the private balcony, each room is equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fan, mini-fridge and a hot shower and toilet. Free Internet (Wi-Fi) access is available in the vicinity of the front desk. Please ask for the password upon your arrival.



Currently the restaurant serves breakfast for hotel guests only and dinner for public. Also there are some stores nearby selling local/imported food and all kinds of groceries.




Because it is a wooden cottage in a lot of vegetations, there may be some visitors in the rooms such as lizards and geckos. Also in certain times of mornings and evenings, please be careful so as not to let the balcony and the entrance doors open.


※This hotel was used to be known as Pathways Hotel, then it has been renovated and re-opened after the ownership change.


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P. O. Box 238, Colonia
Yap, FM 96943-238
Federated States of Micronesia
Phone: 691(350)3407